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Ultrawarm Glazing

Upgrade old glazing to Ultrawarm Glazing’s “A” rated heat retaining double glazing and keep your frames!

With 25% of heat loss in buildings occurring through windows and doors in the home, it is easy to see how bad quality glazing in your home can result in poor insulation standards, cold rooms, increased gas and oil bills and, most importantly, a lack of comfort.

Sustainable Energy Ireland’s guide to insulating your home estimates that given the same area of wall and window, the window will allow 8 times more heat to escape, unless of course it is glazed with energy efficient glazing.

Fitting energy efficient replacement double glazing from Ultrawarm glazing can significantly reduce the heat loss resulting in resulting in a cosier home reduced heating costs and better energy ratings for your home.

While most homes built in Ireland in the last 20 years were fitted with double glazed windows, these windows may not be as energy efficient as you might wish. Recent advances in glazing technology has lead to huge advances in the insulation values offered over traditional double glazed units.

An A rated double glazed glass unit fitted today offers significant heat savings over a traditional double glazed units. Ultrawarm glazing offers the Pilkington Optitherm S1 range of insulating double glazed units fitted to your existing PVC window frames.

Reduce Heating Bills
Energy Efficient Home
No need to change window frames

What We Do

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Ultrawarm Glazing specialise in the replacement of double glazed units in existing PVC window frames with Pilkington Optitherm S1 Energy efficient glazing, making your home warmer and reducing heating bills. The entire process takes just one day and involves no mess.

Conservatory Replacement

With over 26 years of experience in the conservatory industry serving Dublin and the Leinster region through our sister company Conservatory Designs, you can rely on us for a professional re-glazing of your conservatory or the installation of a new conservatory or sunroom.

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If your window frames are too old or are aluminium frames without thermal breaks you may want to consider replacing the entire window or door frame and glazing, Ultrawarm offer a fantastic range of energy efficient A rated windows and doors.

Home Renovation Incentive

Claim VAT Back on Your Ultrawarm Glazing

Save money during 2017 with The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme. By employing a qualifying company such as Ultrawarm Glazing You can benefit from a tax rebate of the full V.A.T that you pay. Please see below for the detailed brochure on the scheme. This scheme has now been extended in the Budget 2016 for two years until 31st December 2018.

Home Renovation Incentive
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