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Check out some of the most common questions about window glazing, window & door replacement and more.

How long will the job take?

A typical home will take less than a day to complete with no mess or disruption and no redecoration will be required. Larger homes may take longer.

Will I notice a big difference in the warmth in my home?

You will notice a significant difference, to prove it we have set up a demonstration unit at our showroom using an infra-red heat lamp to demonstrate just how effective your new Pilkington Optitherm units will be at retaining the heat in your home.

Some of my hinges and locks need to be replaced, can you do this work also?

When we carry out a survey of your home we will advise if there are any other repairs or replacement parts needed to ensure your home will be draught free and cosy after we finish, this work will be included in the quote we provide.

How will I know if my windows are suitable for reglazing?

In general we just offer our reglazing service for UPVC windows, many aluminum windows have frames which do not have thermal barriers and as such can have very cold frames which conduct the heat out and the cold in, in most cases with aluminium frames we suggest to replace the frames and glass as reglazing may not be successful.

Do you reglaze timber windows?

Sorry we do not currently offer a reglazing service for timber windows.

How long are your Ultrawarm glass units guaranteed for?

All Ultrawarm glass units are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of installation.

Will my new glass eliminate condensation?

Your new glass will be warmer inside than the glass replaced however if you experiencing condensation this may be due to lack of ventilation within the room, or may relate to other damp issues with the wall or plaster, new glass may not cure this problem and other action may be required, our surveyor will advise on this when a full technical survey is carried out.

Since my glass has been installed I have noticed dew forming on the outside of my windows in the mornings which I did not have with my old glass.

Dew forms when damp air meets cold surfaces, the dew evaporates when the cold surface reaches the same air temperature as the the air. Your old windows allowed a lot of heat escape through the panes which meant that the outside pane of glass in your window was warm and so dew did not form. Your new window glass does not allow heat to escape and so the outside pane of glass is now cold until it heats up with either the sun or naturally rising temperatures in the morning. The appearance of dew is a sign that your windows are not allowing heat to escape and are working correctly. The dew disappears quickly once the sun hits the window.

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