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Ultrawarm glazing is a division of Ireland leading Conservatory design and installations company, Conservatory Designs Ltd. Our expertise in glazing conservatories spans back to 1988 and in that time we have installed over 4000 glass buildings. As many of the older conservatories are now due an upgrade we have now created Ultrawarm glazing as a specialised division dedicated to replacement glazing for conservatories. We can offer three different options for replacing the double glazing in your conservatory.

Reglaze your existing conservatory

Convert your conservatory to sunroom

Replace your conservatory

Reglaze your existing conservatory with ultrawarm energy efficient glazing

If your conservatory is good condition or has been originally built by our team then we can retrofit new glass throughout your conservatory creating a warmer conservatory in Winter and a cooler conservatory in summer. Two types of Ultrawarm double glazing are used. The side glass of your windows and doors can be reglazed using Pilkington Optitherm S1 glass resulting in a significant increase in the insulation values of your window and door frames. Pilkington Activ Blue glass can be fitted to your conservatory roof.

The Activ blue glass is now our standard glazing option for all conservatories installed by Conservatory Designs. This glass offers the same insulation values of the Pilkington Optitherm but with the added benefit of a self-cleaning outer surface to the roof glass resulting in a roof which is much easier to keep clean. The Pilkington Activ glass is a solar control glass reducing the heat build up in summer keeping your new room cooler on a sunny day. The blue tint on the roof glass reduces the glare and makes the conservatory more comfortable for reading and relaxing.

As an optional extra we can also offer to replace the exterior cappings on your roof so all the the external profiles and the glass will be new resulting in a gleaming new conservatory, and can be completed in just a day with no disruption to the room. For further information on reglazing your conservatory visit our Conservatory refurbishment page.

Conservatories - Pilkinton Optitherm
Conservatories - Pilkinton Activ Blue
Sunroom- Before
Sunroom- After

Convert your conservatory to a sunroom

If your existing conservatory is unsuitable for your needs, you may want to consider converting it to a sunroom. This requires the conservatory roof to be removed and replaced with a solid roof with a ceiling and optional roof windows. The side frames of the conservatory can be reglazed with the Ultrawarm energy efficient glazing, while your new roof will incorporate up to 6 inches of insulation resulting in a room which will enjoy more even temperatures, warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

It is important to understand that this option will reduce the amount of light which can penetrate to the inside rooms in your home and may result in the living room being darker.

Our design consultants will advise you if we feel this will be an issue. It is also important to be aware that your existing windows may not be strong enough to support a new roof. This will depend on whether the frames have adequate reinforcing within the profile and also if the support posts at the corners are of adequate strength. If we built your original conservatory, rest assured it has been designed to carry these loads.

For further information on converting your conservatory roof please visit our main site.

For more information on sunrooms in general please see our main site.

Replace your conservatory

If your conservatory has been badly built or is nearing the end of its natural lifespan then you may want to consider replacing the entire structure with a new conservatory or sunroom.

With over 4000 conservatory and sunroom installations under our belt and a team with 27 years of experience we can design and build the perfect conservatory or sunroom for you. Your new room will feature the most modern A rated window frames and an option of an Ultrawarm sunroom roof or Ultrawarm glazed roof. We will need to carry out a thorough survey of the existing structure to make sure that the existing floor and walls are suitable for using on your new conservatory.

If there is no insulation in the floor slab you may want to consider putting in a new floor slab with better insulation to ensure that the new room will be cosy in winter.

For further information on our complete conservatory and sunroom range please visit our main site

Replace Your Conservatory - Before
Replace Your Conservatory - After

Home Renovation Incentive

Claim VAT Back on Your Ultrawarm Glazing

Save money during 2016 with The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme. By employing a qaulifying company such as Ultrawarm Glazing You can benefit from a tax rebate of the full V.A.T that you pay. Please see below for the detailed brochure on the scheme. This scheme is due to end on 31st December 2016 make sure you avail of this scheme before it finishes.

Home Renovation Incentive
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